How much does a do-it-yourself fence cost?

A fence is a means of designating a private territory. In addition to its direct function, it also serves as a decorative element of the infield, and protects the house from unauthorized entry.

Most owners of suburban cottages prefer to do the construction of the fence with their own hands. The order of professional manufacture and installation of fencing in specialized companies is often in doubt and requires significantly larger financial investments. The result of our own work allows us not only to save, but also to bring to life original ideas and innovative solutions.

What can a fence be made of?

Before proceeding with the construction, it is necessary to decide what to make the fence from. It is the material that largely determines how much the finished fence will cost. The most popular modern materials are:

  • corrugated board;
  • Rabitz;
  • wood;
  • reinforced concrete;
  • brick;
  • metal.

How much is a fence from professional sheets?

Decking is called galvanized profiled sheets mounted on supports and lags. Decking has found its wide application in fencing the construction of high-rise buildings and high-rise buildings, shopping centers and office buildings. Thanks to modern decorative coatings, the material has often been used for private homes or summer cottages. Such a fence attracts with its aesthetics and low cost.

The price of 1 running meter is about 800 rubles. If the material has an additional spraying, then its cost automatically increases to 1000-1200 rubles. To calculate the total cost, you need to know the number of pillars, the number of lags, the width and height of the fence.

How much does a fence from a mesh netting cost?

Another popular type of material for mounting fencing is a netting net. Unlike corrugated board and wooden structures, this installation option perfectly transmits light and does not create shadow areas. The chain-link is attached to the posts, and does not require much tension. Any, even non-professional builder will cope with the installation of the structure. The main advantage of the grid is its low cost.

The price of 1 running meter is from 400 rubles. Mesh netting with spraying and a protective coating will cost a little more - from 700 rubles per square meter. The appearance of the mesh is easily decorated with climbing green plants or vines.

How much does a wood fence cost?

The advantages of a wooden fence are environmental friendliness, inexpensive price and ease of installation. But today it is not the most popular material. The reason for this is the fragility, high exposure to weather conditions. The wooden structure quickly deteriorates, begins to rot and collapse. Choosing this type of fence, you must be prepared for its frequent painting and repair.

If you still decide to make a wooden fence, give preference to hardwood. These include: oak, aspen and ash. For supporting pillars, it is better to choose conifers, for example, spruce or pine. A wooden fence will cost 900-1040 rubles per linear meter (depending on the type: “deaf” or “with a gap” of 2 cm). The cost of a shtakhtnik varies in the range of 6-9 rubles per board.

How much is a reinforced concrete fence?

Reinforced concrete slabs are excellent for building a fence. They look great and are reliable fencing. One of the advantages of reinforced concrete is its durability. As a rule, this material is chosen by real aesthetes and practitioners.

The price of reinforced concrete fence is much higher than the previous options. It is quite difficult to name the exact cost of the structure, since it depends on the type, size and decor of the reinforced concrete slab. Its standard parameters are 500 * 2000 mm. Buying one unit of material will cost 250-350 rubles. The cost of supporting pillars is much more expensive. The price of one column is about 2000 rubles. Special online calculators that can be found on the Internet will help you calculate the total amount of construction costs.

How much does a brick fence cost?

The brick fence is rightfully considered the most durable and reliable type of fencing of the territory. It does not require any special care and retains its original appearance for many years. To install a brick fence, it is necessary not only to purchase the material itself and the mortar, but also to know the technology of brickwork. The duration of the facility’s operation and the quality of the result will depend on it.

To find out how much a brick fence costs, it is necessary to take into account the height and width of the future structure. Online calculator will quickly perform all the necessary calculations. When making an estimate of expenses, do not forget to determine the type of brick purchased. You can also order a ready-made fence with professional masonry, in which all the nuances and features of the technology will be observed. The cost will be from 2500 to 5500 rubles per square meter. Such a high price bar is explained by the complexity of building the fence and the high cost of time.

How much does a metal fence cost?

Speaking about the fence, it is necessary to take into account its reliability and aesthetic qualities. For decor, there is no more suitable material like forged rods or metal. Calculating the exact cost of the fence on a calculator is quite difficult. This is due to the fact that the price is determined in accordance with the aesthetic type of fencing. So, for example, a 3D metal fence will cost 800 rubles per linear meter, an ordinary forged fence - 1500 rubles, and custom-made forging with an original sketch - about 6000 rubles per meter. In this case, you must contact the company forging products. Experienced specialists of the company will independently calculate the costs and provide you with an estimate for approval.

What is included in the cost of building a fence?

As you can see, finding out how much it costs to make a fence, largely depends on the material. It is also necessary to take into account the topography, soil composition, width and height of the structure, the presence of decorative elements. Making a fence, you can choose a combined option. It may include parts of a wooden, stone and metal fence immediately.

Knowing all the input data, you can perform calculations using a special calculator. It can be found on almost every site of construction companies involved in the construction of various fences. When calculating the total cost, do not forget to take into account the price of the pillars, mortar for masonry, fasteners and other additional materials. When opting for professional companies involved in the manufacture and installation of fences, be prepared for a significant increase in prices associated with the services of craftsmen.

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