Top DIY DIY Tools

The real pleasure for many people is the creation of beautiful things with their own hands. Someone can make furniture, someone - decor, and someone - something else. Such hobbies will require certain tools. Most masters know about many of them, but some devices may turn out to be a pleasant surprise for them.

First of all, it is necessary to note the glue gun. In shape, it resembles a regular pistol. The glue becomes liquid due to its heating inside the tool. Pressing the "trigger" allows you to dose the composition as accurately as possible. Even if the connection area is small, the parts are fixed very high quality. Hands remain clean, you can work with a variety of materials. A glue gun can be useful in creating a wide variety of objects.

A furniture stapler can be used to drive staples into wood and some other materials. He has a very large force of impact. Most often, this tool is used for attaching thin materials, for example, fabric. The possibilities of the stapler are quite wide. It can be used to fix insulation, canvases, furniture upholstery and much more. Fasteners depend on the model of stapler.

For lovers of home creativity and craftsmanship, a technical knife will also be very useful. Its blade is divided into segments and is retractable. Sharp edges can be obtained at any time simply by breaking off the segment after it is dull. The technical knife is well suited for cutting soft building materials.

Handmade fans are well aware of the multi-function mini-drill, which is also called an engraver. With its help it is possible to carry out polishing, cleaning, drilling, engraving surfaces. Depending on the material with which you have to work, you just need to choose the appropriate nozzle.

Renovator is another useful thing. This is the name of the electric chisel intended for finishing and restoration work. It is used for polishing, grinding, cutting and other operations.

Most often, plastic, metal and wooden parts are processed by a renovator.

A universal jigsaw can also be included in the top tool. It usually has several modes of operation. Using a jigsaw, you can cut decorative and functional holes on plastic or wood (and sometimes other materials).

Any home master can be advised and spray gun. With it, you can quickly and accurately paint any surface. A spray gun is especially convenient if it is necessary to process a large area.

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