Which washing machine is best: top-loading or front-loading

Today, washing machines in household appliances stores can be found very different, so you can choose them taking into account some of their specific criteria. Equipment differs among themselves not only in pricing, but also in appearance and equipment. Often, buyers are faced with the choice of which washing machine is better to buy, with vertical or front-loading.

It is important to understand initially that each of these types of cars is good in its own way. But, in addition to positive qualities, each of them has some disadvantages. In order to quickly make a choice, you need to study all the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Front-loading (horizontal) washing machines

These models of washing machines are increasingly seen in stores. Many consumers prefer them. In addition, manufacturers responsibly work on new models of such machines, improving their characteristics.

Advantages of front-loading washing machines:

  • Acceptable cost, when compared with the price of machines with vertical loading;
  • If necessary, such equipment can be integrated into furniture in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Thus, it will be possible to save space in the room;
  • The front-loading machine has an anti-allergic setting. She perfectly rinses the laundry;
  • The machine works very quietly.


  1. Often, in such machines, the rubber gasket, which ensures the sealing of the hatch, becomes unusable;
  2. When the machine is already washing, it is impossible to add more linen to the drum until the final completion of its work.

Top-loading washing machines

This type of equipment will be an excellent option for apartments with a small area. For this reason, they are often used in small housing.

What are their advantages:

  • If you need to add things to the machine, then this can easily be done by opening the top cover;
  • Such a machine is quite compact;
  • Vibration during its operation is very slight;
  • A small child will not be able to press the buttons on the typewriter, as they are located on the top panel.


  • These models of cars have a simple design, without any frills;
  • To find spare parts for cars with vertical loading is quite problematic. Therefore, for its repair usually have to pay a lot of money.

In order to understand which machine is better, the buyer first needs to decide where exactly it will be installed, and what requirements are presented to it.

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