Ideas for a kitchen with a breakfast bar

The bar counter can be either a replacement for a dining table in a small kitchen, or just an addition to it, if the area allows you to place both. Despite the compactness of the bar, it’s convenient to work, arrange meals, and cook behind it. The bar counter is great for zoning the room. It can be used in kitchen-living rooms and studios for dividing the space. If you choose an option that is suitable in design and size, the counter will become not just useful furniture, but also a decoration of the space.

There are many options for using a bar in the kitchen. Often there are peninsular stationary models. One end of them abuts against the wall. This option perfectly performs the role of a partition between the walls, so it can be used in kitchens that are combined with a dining room, living room or other rooms.

The bar counter can also be organized on the basis of the windowsill. In fact, it is in itself almost finished furniture. It will only be necessary to supplement the windowsill with one or two legs, replace the countertop with a more practical and spacious one. During meals, you can enjoy the view from the window. The space in the kitchen is spent with this solution as economical as possible.

Wall models are also stationary. They are placed, as the name implies, along the wall. These are very compact solutions, since only one side remains free, the depth of the countertop is usually small. Such models can be an excellent solution for small and narrow rooms. Folding wall options are also suitable for smaller rooms.

The island counter is part of a multifunctional design. If desired, household appliances can also be built into such furniture. Island-style bar counters are suitable for spacious rooms. They should be considered if the kitchen area is twenty or more square meters. The shape of the room is often repeated by the shape of the countertops. Around the table should be at least one meter of free space.

Bar counters can be built into the headset P- or L-shaped. They can smoothly transition into a regular kitchen worktop. Such options can serve as an additional work surface. You can also integrate the rack into the cabinets.

An interesting solution is the bar-transformers. They can be mobile, folding, folding and so on. You can use this option in any room and for any purpose.

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