DIY bricklaying: technology, tools

In order for masonry to be better and build faster, masons in their arsenal must have special devices and tools.

Basic set

The basic equipment includes tools without which brickwork is impossible:

  • Large capacity for cement composition of 40-50 liters and a shovel. An hour of masonry takes about 20 liters of mortar. Large volumes are prepared for 2.5 hours of work;
  • Bucket for carrying a solution of 14 liters. If the volume seems heavy, take two buckets of 7 liters each;
  • Trowels - applying the solution is carried out with a trowel or trowel, which have different soles. For masonry, the trapezoid shape is ideal;
  • Rubber mallet - helps to customize and upset stones or bricks.

Measuring instruments

Not a single flat wall was built without measuring instruments:

  • Plumb - the device consists of a rope and a sinker, for which professionals choose a cone-shaped weight. A plumb line measures deviations in verticality with an accuracy of 1 mm. The conical shape of the sinker has an exact center and does not swing the thread during measurements;
  • Roulettes - builders use automatic tape measure at 3 m and tape at 30 m;
  • Kapron thread - coil length from 100 m. Studs are included with the thread;
  • Construction pencils - for light brick - dark, for red - white chalk;
  • Water tubular level - needed to determine the points of attachment of kapron thread;
  • Square for constructing right angles. The minimum device length in each shoulder is from 50 cm.

Special tools

  • Laser axis builder - used when laying enclosing walls;
  • Laser roulette - with its help, the geometry and dimensions of the masonry are verified;
  • Rack level - needed when working with masonry corners and in the absence of kapron thread.

Solution work

Manual mixing of the solution takes half the time of the working process, so it is important to purchase devices that accelerate the process.

  • Concrete mixer - the solution is done automatically, lasts longer. A new portion can be mixed with the old;
  • One-wheel cars - to take away more than 14 liters of solution at a time, use cars, which in addition relieve the load on the spine;
  • Templates - a construction device that allows you to accelerate the pace of work by three times. Patterns are used for application and distribution of suture solution. A mixture is placed on the entire row of bricks, which is then equated with a template;
  • Polymer nets - they are used for laying seams when working with hollow bricks. The mesh does not allow the binder to fall through.

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