How to reduce the risk of apartment theft?

Every day, hundreds of apartment thefts occur throughout the country. And often the owners themselves, by their behavior and carelessness, attract thieves who are eager to profit from someone else's good. Cases when people themselves tell unfamiliar people about various values ​​in their apartment. Thieves, old flimsy doors and windows, or vice versa, too noticeable chic front door are especially attractive.

Naturally, it is not possible to completely protect your home from hacks and thieves, but by following some rules and using modern security methods, you can reduce the risk of apartment theft.

General safety rules:

  • When leaving the apartment, do not forget to lock the doors, windows and balcony (even if your absence will not be long);
  • Never leave the keys to the front doors under the rug or in other similar places;
  • In case of accidental loss of keys, immediately change the locks (when entering new housing, it is recommended to replace the locks);
  • It is recommended to install good locks with secrets, an iron entrance door and reliable window locking mechanisms (it is recommended to install grilles on windows located near drainpipes and other pipes, on the first and last floor).

Modern security methods:

  • Install special opening sensors on windows and doors (when opening the front door or when a window is broken, send an SMS message to the phone of the apartment owner);
  • Install special Wi-Fi cameras (the principle of operation is similar to opening sensors, the camera responds to signs of movement and sends an SMS message to the owner);
  • Set the video eye (the principle of operation is like a wireless camera);
  • Set the alarm (when you try to hack into your home, a signal is sent to the security organization at the remote control, it may be impossible to stop the thieves, but it will be possible to scare away).

All of the precautions and safety practices presented are quite effective. By following them, you can significantly reduce the risk of theft in your apartment. But the most important thing is your vigilance and caution. Never tell unfamiliar people your financial situation and the location of your home. Do not invite strangers to your home trying to enter your home on dubious pretexts. When you notice strangers and suspicious people near the house, inform the guard on the porch or the police.

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