Room air recuperator: what are its features and how is it used?

A favorable and comfortable microclimate is something without which it is impossible to imagine living in one's home. If environmental conditions are not subject to man and he cannot influence them in any way, then the atmosphere in an apartment or house can be easily controlled.
Homeowners often do not pay due attention to ventilation, and only when alarming "bells" appear they begin to seriously engage in it. Each apartment or house consists of different types of premises that require a separate approach and attention.

But many consumers who want to install ventilation in their homes, at the sight of a huge variety of climate equipment, refuse such an idea. One of the popular and progressive options for home ventilation is a room air recuperator. Few people know how it works and what it is for. Therefore, it should be well understood.

Purpose of indoor air recuperator

This is a universal device that provides the withdrawal of "exhausted" air masses from the room and the supply of fresh air into it. The recuperator is also able to extract heat from the exhaust air and transfer it to the incoming air masses.


There are quite a few advantages of a room recuperator:

  • Energy efficiency - the device consumes a small amount of electricity (15-40 watts);
  • Low noise at work - the functioning of the recuperator does not affect the quality of sleep;
  • Existence of function of cleaning - the device is capable of filtering the air streams passing through it that allows to prevent penetration of external pollution into the house;
  • Low cost;
  • Simplicity of design - recuperators due to this rarely break;
  • The ability to regulate humidity levels.

The design of the indoor air recuperator

Such a device consists of a small number of elements, which are:

  • Filter - is responsible for cleaning the incoming air;
  • Heat exchanger - provides heat exchange between the discharged and supplied air masses;
  • Reversible fan - installed indoors and is responsible for air exchange;
  • Outdoor ventilation umbrella.

A simple design together with the coordinated work of the components of the recuperator ensures a comfortable and warm microclimate in the room.

Features and selection criteria

If there is a desire to purchase a room air recuperator, it is advisable to contact professionals, since the choice and installation of a device requires taking into account many nuances.

First of all, the area of ​​the room, its purpose, the number of people living in it and the thickness of the walls should be taken into account. These and some other parameters are taken into account when developing an individual project according to the financial capabilities and personal preferences of the customer.
Specialists will also give the necessary advice and answer the questions posed.

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