Powerful Homemade Wi-Fi Antenna

Using a home Wi-Fi antenna, you can increase the signal length by several hundred meters. The structural part is easily manufactured independently and does not require special parts. How to make a wifi gun?

What will be needed for manufacturing

The antenna due to its direction in one direction has a large reception distance, since the device does not scatter waves. For the gun you will need the following elements: a long hairpin, nuts, metal sheets, a router or a Wi-Fi adapter.

How to make

The manufacture of the antenna should occur according to strictly specified dimensions in the drawing. Any deviation from it will lead to a deterioration in signal quality during operation. To begin with, approximate diameters of circles are marked on a sheet of metal, it is most convenient to do this with the help of blanks from hard cardboard or directly with a pair of compasses.

In circles, drill centers are drilled. The width of the hole should be slightly larger than the stud. For accuracy, first make outlines with a thin drill, and then take the desired diameter. After the drawn circles are scratched with a compass needle.

Each blank is first cut out of the square, and from it carefully cutting the corners, a circle is obtained. The base of the antenna for wi-fi is ready. Next, a hairpin is trimmed along the length of the gun, taking into account the width of the nuts.

Next is the assembly of the antenna. Metal circles on each side are fixed with nuts. They are strung on a hairpin in order of decreasing size, identical parts follow each other. To control the correct distance between the elements, it is recommended to use a metal ruler with more accurate marking. In the last two large circles, the same holes are made for the cable.

The cable and its connector are made from an old router or adapter antenna. For this, the upper protective part is removed, the insulation is cut off. Antenna with cable disengaged. With the help of a soldering iron, the metal protective cap is removed, exposing the wire.

Then the disks are crowded, a cable is passed through the opening of the first circle and the shielding winding is soldered. Next, the wire core is started through the second element and soldered. For the stand, you can use the bracket from the camera.

Either an adapter or a router is connected to the connector from the Wi-Fi antenna. For reliable connections, the adapter is attached to the bracket with electrical tape.

Watch the video: Wi-Fi Gun DIY Powerful Antenna for Wi-Fi ! (February 2020).

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