Glowing LED Tubes

LED light sources are very bright, beautiful, and most importantly economical. From them you can make a lot of original and interesting lighting designs. For example, LED tubes with different colors are similar to neon ones.

To create a neon lamp you will need two very bright blue LEDs, a transparent plastic tube and a fluorescent text Highlight.

To extract the dye, a rod impregnated with a luminous solution must be lowered into a solution of alcohol or cologne. The concentrate is diluted with water to the required level. The light reflecting solution is ready.

Next, a tube of the required size is cut off and an LED head is inserted from one end. The diameter of the housing of the future lamp should be slightly smaller than the LED. Fluorescent liquid is poured from the other end with a spitz or bottle with a narrow neck. The coloring matter should be free of bubbles, after which a second LED is inserted.

To maintain complete tightness, the ends of the LEDs are coated with glue. If you take a too long section of the tube, then the glow will be dim in the middle.

To check the operation of the finished tube, it is necessary to attach flat batteries to the contacts, three volts will be enough. The blue color was not chosen by chance, because it is he who gives the strongest glow on long specimens. The highlighter should be a bright yellow acid color, since it has the highest reflective ability.

Where to use LED tubes

With such homemade tubes you can decorate a computer table or make a backlight for the keyboard. Also, with the help of them, you can make inscriptions on the wall in the living room or lay out figures or drawings.

This design is perfect for high-tech or loft style. With such tubes you can decorate the windows in the new year. Also, these tubes can be great attributes for a neon party. In the dark, they give a soft, but bright glow.

Watch the video: How to: Glowing LED Tubes - New Years Hacks (February 2020).

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