Simple converter for powering energy-saving lamps

Sometimes a low-voltage power supply for energy-saving fluorescent lamps is very necessary. A similar need arises in places where there is no civilization and electric networks, so you have to get out with the help of batteries and accumulators. In addition, a similar device can be used in everyday life when trying to revive a burned out lamp.

The voltage converter for an energy-saving lamp consists of three conventional parts:

  • The master generator of rectangular pulses on the K155LA3 or K555LA3 microcircuits. You can use other similar microcircuits. In this case, the second option was used;
  • Field effect transistor IFRZ44N, under the control of a generator, the load of which includes a transformer winding;
  • Step-up transformer.

Using the build-in resistor, the master oscillator is controlled. At its output, a transistor with an LED light source is connected. Its presence helps to control the correct frequency and functionality of the generator.

Depending on the frequency, the operation of the transistor and transformer will change, from which the brightness of the lamps will be higher or lower. Using a tuning resistor, the purity is adjusted, which is optimal in terms of the ratio of the current flowing through the transistor T2 and the brightness of the lamp. It should be in the range of 70 to 120 Hz.

Transducer assembly

The converter circuit receives power from the 5V breadboard block. The transformer is removed from the power supply and turned on the other way, so that the winding with a large number of turns looked towards the lamp. Due to the fact that the transistor can become very hot, it is necessary to place it on the radiator. So it will be barely warm.

From the operation of this circuit, up to 10 watts are not lost in the brightness of a fluorescent lamp. For more power it is not enough.

In order for the circuit power to be higher, and accordingly the brightness of the lamps, you can power it from a 12 V unit. In this case, you need a 5V stabilizer to power the microcircuits.

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