How to make dead and living water

Living and dead water has an electric potential (negative, positive), which it receives when processed in a special device during electrolysis. As a result, pathogenic microbes are removed from it, it loses harmful chemical compounds, bacteria, fungi, and other impurities.

Living water, called catholyte, has a pH greater than 8.0. It acts on the body as a natural biostimulant. Its consumption helps to restore immunity, antioxidant defense of the body, the accumulation of vital energy.

Thanks to living water, various wounds heal faster, processes that occur in the body are activated. It increases appetite, speeds up metabolism, raises blood pressure, and improves the general condition. Its action leads to softening of the skin, smoothing wrinkles, improving the structure of hair and appearance.

There is a shortage of living water - it is unstable, therefore it quickly loses all its positive properties. Prepare it in an amount that can be used for a maximum of two days.

In dead water or anolyte, the pH does not exceed 6.0. It has anti-allergic, antibacterial, decongestant, anticomatous, drying, antiviral, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory properties. It has an antimetabolic, cytotoxic effect, but does not cause harm to the body.

Dead water disinfects medical supplies, clothing, dishes, and linen. It is suitable for mopping, wet cleaning. She is successfully treated for colds, diseases of the nose, ears, and throat. Water consumption soothes nerves, joint pains, eliminates high blood pressure, insomnia, cures stomatitis, dissolves stones in the bladder.

To obtain live and dead water, manufacturers offer various devices that are purchased in stores. You can not spend money and do it yourself. The device is simple, of the materials required: a glass jar, a piece of cloth (preferably tarpaulin), poorly transmitting water, wires, a DC battery.

A bag is sewn of fabric, the dimensions of which in height allow it to fit in a bank, while there should be a distance to the walls. It must be made so that it is easy to remove from the tank.

They take two wires - the best option is stainless steel. One ("minus") is placed in a jar, the second ("plus") - in a bag. Connect their free ends to the battery terminals.

The container and pouch are filled with water. Turn on the power. After 10 ... 15 minutes, the process ends: dead water forms in the bag, and living water in the bank.

Possible power supply of electrodes from the AC mains. In this embodiment, a powerful diode must be inserted into the line of the positive electrode. Its presence allows you to convert alternating current into direct current, which is needed for electrolysis.

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