Soft toy in the home

Entering the children's store, we see a large number of soft toys. Children love them, therefore they often receive such gifts. Adults are not indifferent to them.

You can make a soft toy with your own hands. The process is simple even for those who do not have a sewing education. The main thing is to desire to create, to be able to distinguish between a needle and a thread and work with them. As a result, you can make toys for children yourself, enjoy the work.

Soft toys sew from different materials: knitwear (stretches well); faux fur with different lengths of pile (it makes comfortable pillows that give the shape of animals); silk (due to "capriciousness", the material is used more for sewing and decorating dresses for dolls); cotton (represented by a large selection of colors); wool (different density, hairiness); velor and velvet (well suited to imitate the fur of animals); felt (obtained by using the felting method in the manufacture of toys).

The technology for manufacturing soft toys includes:

  • Selection of material, preparing it for work; the fabric is washed, dried, ironed, steamed to obtain a smooth billet;
  • Using patterns, they cut out all the necessary details;
  • Connect the parts by basting along their contour; focusing on the basting, stitch seams; stuffing toys with cotton wool, foam rubber, synthetic winterizer;
  • Collect individual parts of the toy, connect them with firmware in the right places; make out the general appearance of the toy by sewing on the decoration

Patterns at the beginning of classes for the manufacture of soft toys are better to find ready, for example, on the Internet. Patterns are printed on a printer and transferred to thick cardboard. They are laid out on the fabric, pressed tightly and encircled with chalk. Further, using scissors, cut the blanks from the fabric, making allowance for the seams.

You can stitch parts from the wrong side. But if you use bright threads, then you can try with the front, using the overcast seam. This technique adds to the toy originality, creativity, makes its appearance attractive.

Creativity is worth starting with simple soft toys. After gaining experience, skills, you can move on to more complex ones. Later there will be a desire to create your own, exclusive toys, for which you will have to make patterns, select the colors of the fabric, decoration materials.

The latter requires patience, perseverance, a strong desire to learn how to make soft toys with your own hands. Without the above, it is difficult to do anything unusual, capturing the attention of children, acquaintances, friends.

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