How to Make Creative Spice Jars

Fragrant spices are present in the arsenal of all housewives. Adding them will transform the dishes, making them tastier, more aromatic, healthier. To preserve the properties of spices for a long time, they must be stored in containers with a sealed lid.

In hardware stores today you can buy kits for storing spices, which are different in volume and material of manufacturing containers. Often these are jars of glass of the same shape.

To decorate the kitchen, add a highlight to your interior, you can make a set for spices with your own hands. For this, jars remaining from baby food are ideal. They are small, consistent with the idea of ​​volume, have metal, tightly screwed caps.

The only such jars usually look, many in the kitchen have, are familiar to the look. The way out is to make them creative by changing the look. To do this, you can use different techniques, for example, decoupage.

There are many options for making spice jars creative. Decoupage technique is known to many, it contains a set of certain operations: degreasing surfaces; gluing drawings in it; varnishing.

Also make out jars of baby food. Creativity can be added to them, introducing into the work some nuances that will help products look unusual, stand out among many other sets.

For example, before painting, circles cut from masking tape are glued to their side surface. In the future, these places will remain transparent, through them the contents will be visible. You can add the names of spices by placing them at the bottom of the "windows" or under them.

In order for the windows to have a finished look, they are outlined with a thick paint around the contour, creating a convex frame. She is arranged around a chain of convex points, curlicues.

A good option for decoupage is to use a picture with the image of spices that will be saved in it to decorate each jar. There can be two of them - the plants on which they grow and the finished spices in the form of grains, their grinding. One of the drawings is placed on one side of the "window", the second on the other.

Spice jars will add creativity to the original design of the lids that cover them. Top they are decorated with a pattern: it can be in the form of a stylized, neutral in shape flower - the same for all jars; it is possible to place on each an image of a flower of a plant on which spices mature; you can choose the image of a mill for spices, the contours of countries in which spices grow in nature.

A variant of the design of the covers may be their tying in a circle with a hemp rope, narrow ribbons of the same, different color.

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