How to make a letter in the old style

Not everything was so bad before. This is evidenced, in particular, by the desire of many people to congratulate their loved ones, filling out letters in the old style.

Making such a letter is not very difficult. True, for this you need to know rare words, to be able to correctly insert them in sentences. In addition, the letter itself must be written not in ordinary, but in elegant, previously considered a sign of sophistication, handwriting.

Wanting to make a letter in the old style, you first need to take care of the pen with which they will write it. Modern - ball, not suitable. It is necessary to use feathers, which are easier to give the writing an elegant look.

For old writing, paper is important. It’s worth immediately abandoning the cheap one, since it is too cheap for such a message. You need to choose paper that is rich in appearance, pleasant to the touch. It can be non-standard in size, with a special texture, soft, velvety, dense.

Try to write a letter carefully. A modern font for old writing is not good. You need to pick it up, using the Internet, text editors. Choose the one that is more suitable for the content of the message.

It may not work right to write with the selected font, so it is worth printing, studying and trying to write on plain paper. After making sure that everything is easy, they begin to write a letter on paper prepared for the message. In this case, you need to make the lines even, for which thin lines are first applied with a pencil, which are then erased.

In order to get the letter in the old style, they don’t forget to use the momentum in the text, words that are no longer in use today, and before, even a simple message could not be compiled without them. You can find them in dictionaries, in some novels, for example, written by Jane Austen. The characters of her works are expressed in exquisite language.

It is worth starting the letter, for example, with the words "my dearest friend (girlfriend)". The message should be completed with the phrase "sincerely loving (loving) you." Other options may be used, but they must be permeated with exquisite, heart-wrenching respect for the addressee.

So that there are no rash words or suggestions in the letter, it is better to start with his draft. It is written on plain paper, you can use a regular ballpoint pen. Reread several times, comprehending the cutaneous word, sentence. We must not forget that in the old days and the latter were also built floridly, pompously.

A written letter is not sent in an ordinary envelope. It should be beautiful, better in the old days. The envelope must be provided with a name and address, if any, it should be sealed with a personal seal, send it.

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