Creative windmill in a few minutes

Almost all summer cottages look almost the same outwardly; differ only in area and content. You can distinguish your own in different ways, one of them is to decorate with windmills. The latter are easily made from PET bottles. Occupation, although time-consuming, but does not take much time - with dexterity crafts can be made in a few minutes.

Plastic bottles for crafts need two pieces; they should have a flat bottom. They also use: wire, from which they make support for the windmill; four caps; large beads (4 pieces); clerical knife; awl; a hammer; paint; glue.

Bottles can be taken in any size, for example, 2-liter. They are cut with a knife across, closer to the neck, but the tapering part of it must be cut off. Use the lower parts, which should be cylindrical.

Use scissors and cut the cylindrical parts of two blanks into narrow strips. Cutting is performed without reaching the bottom. The width of the strips can be done differently - it all depends on the desire (it is formed in the process of testing made crafts).

All strips on two blanks are bent near the base, placing them relative to the bottom at an angle of approximately 45 °. The result of the work should be similar to the drawing of the sun, from which the rays depart.

The blades obtained from the strips are smoothed, which allows you to proceed with further work. In the center of the bottoms with blades with an awl, holes are made. The same is done in the center of the prepared four caps. The latter are glued to the bottoms (on both sides) with blades; while their central holes should be on the same axis.

Perform finishing work. They are associated with coloring elements. This is best done with spray paint. In this case, you can apply the coating of the same color, but it is better to dream up and make it multicolor (if different colors are available); and on different details different. After painting, the parts are left to dry.

All preparation is completed, proceed to the assembly of the chickenpox. A small bend is made at the wire at one end; from the other end they put a bead on it - it should rest against a bend. The next operation is the landing on the wire of one of the blanks with blades, to which covers are glued on both sides in the bottom region.

Then put on the bead again, then the blank with the blades. Finish everything by stringing a third bead on the wire. Make the fixation of the resulting structure - pliers bend the free end of the wire. At the same time, it is impossible to compress the parts and elements worn on its parts - they should be able to move a little. The latter is necessary for the windmill to spin.

The windmill is ready. He needs to find a decent place to install. From the slightest wind, the blades will begin to rotate and delight the eye with flickering overflows.

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