How to get fire from an empty lighter

Lighter - a simple device that is used in different situations. For example, to make a campfire in a campaign. In the latter case, extreme situations are possible when matches are absent or wet, dry alcohol or special liquid, fuel in the lighter has run out. It turns out that you should not despair. Even in such conditions, there are many ways to provide yourself with fire, including using an empty lighter.

Lucky if the lighter turns out to be silicon. She removed the tin case, which is located in the upper part. In it, even in the spent fuel, silicon remains, which, when turning the wheel, produces good sparks.

Fire from sparks of silicon can be obtained in various ways. For example, use cotton wool, which is always available in the first-aid kit, which they take with them on a camping trip, which is available in the motorist’s first-aid kit. Fluff it up. They bring a lighter, strike it with a wheel, and from the “sparks” that have jumped out from under it, the cotton wool lights up instantly.

But even if there is no cotton left in the medicine cabinet, there is a way out. Instead, fluff from the cones of cattail will do. It flashes as quickly as cotton wool, though quickly, due to the presence of many seeds, it goes out. Therefore, you must immediately add other combustible material to the fluff that will support the fire.

Using sparks from a silicon lighter, even toilet paper can be ignited. Tear off a piece from a roll, tear it into narrow strips, then the latter into small squares. Stacked neatly in a dense pack. They wrap the upper part close to the wheel and strike it quickly several times. Remove the pack - it will be a place with smoldering paper. It is gently inflated, fluffing up the workpiece, and if everything is done correctly, it will light up.

It is impossible to remain without fire with a silicon lighter, if you have at your disposal coals from an extinct fire. Choose dry. One of them is brought closer to the place from which the sparks fly out, several times, as in the version with toilet paper, they twist the wheel intensively. In the place where the sparks fall, the coal begins to smolder. To this place they put another corner and begin to fan the fire. With the right approach, the coals will flare up and if you add anything fuel to them, a flame will appear.

More difficult, but you can light up ordinary paper with an empty lighter. To do this, her small leaf is bent in half. They bring the lighter to the inner fold and begin to strike with a wheel, directing the sparks to the vertically located part of the paper. They try to do everything so that sparks do not form. As a result, combustible material is accumulated near the bend in the form of a powder, the material from which sparks are formed.

Take another piece of paper. They bend it in half, unbend it, bend it in half, but perpendicular to the first bend. Do everything in one direction. The intersection of the folds is pounded, rubbed, fluffing the fibers in the paper.

Pour the prepared combustible powder into a crumpled place on paper, in one compact pile. They take a lighter, strike it, directing sparks on the substance. As a result, the paper will light up.

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