An easy way to make sure that the bathroom mirror does not sweat

Using the bathroom, they often encounter fogging mirrors. This is due to the difference in temperature on it and the air, which is saturated with steam as much as possible. This is explained by the fact that mirror heating always occurs more slowly, and it is constantly colder than air. The latter, when cooled, “leaves” water droplets on the glass, which leads to fogging.

The problem is unpleasant, it often does not allow you to perform comfortably procedures that allow you to put yourself in order. It can be removed in many ways, which are technical and chemical. The first require serious changes in the arrangement of the bathroom, because it is costly and time-consuming.

Chemical methods are easy, allowing you to quickly and easily make sure that the mirror in the bathroom does not sweat. You can, for example, use anti-fogging, which has long been used by car owners in their maintenance. How to use it is written in the instructions.

The anti-sweat composition includes components that, having fallen on glass, form a film on it that repels water. This leads to the rapid enlargement of small droplets into large ones that flow down. Some remain on the mirror, but they no longer interfere.

For a short time, the shampoo that is available in every home can relieve fogging. They, before opening the hot water, rub the glass, wipe it dry. As a result, as when applying anti-fog, a film appears on the surface that does not allow water to linger on it - the liquid quickly drains down.

Rubbing the surface of the mirror and preventing fogging helps rubbing it with glycerin. The substance is in the composition of soap, it is harmless to humans, does not cause skin irritation, even useful for it. Sale of glycerin without restrictions, its cost is small.

The mirror will not fog up for several days if you rub it with soap. True surface should be dry. Traces of soap are rubbed with microfiber, this removes stains.

Eliminates the problem of washing the mirror with a solution of gelatin in water. The ratio of 1 tsp / quarter cup. Moreover, it will remain dry even under conditions in the bathroom, close to the steam room.

Helps to prevent rubbing the mirror with toothpaste, cream, shaving foam.

Measures are mostly short-term. In order to radically get rid of fogging of the mirror, you can arrange its heating. It is also worth improving the ventilation system in the bathroom, which will quickly remove excess steam from the room.

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