What can be done from the washing machine engine

Today, almost every home has a washing machine. Thanks to her, housewives not only save time, but also save their hands from the harmful effects of washing powder, allow themselves to spend more time on family.

But such wonderful cars are not eternal. Time passes and they grow old, deteriorate, refuse to work. Throw them away do not rush; the components included in their design, parts can be used for many crafts useful for the home.

Very often craftsmen in their projects use, for example, the engine from the washer. It can simply be converted into a generator, which will provide electricity to a remote cottage, separate rooms of a country house, pantry or utility room.

Making crafts requires reworking the motor. The core is removed from it, pierced, reducing the diameter of the working part by 2 mm. Then, grooves of 5 mm depth are cut on a lathe, into which neodymium magnets are evenly attached to the glue. The gaps between the latter are filled by cold welding, the surface of the core is ground from above, eliminating irregularities.

After assembly, the engine is capable of generating electricity. To do this, its output shaft is rotated, for example, with a drill, and the voltage is removed from the terminals, which can charge the battery, illuminate the premises.

On the basis of an engine converted into a generator, a wind generator can be made. Such a device will allow you to receive free energy and save on utility bills.

Based on the engine, you can make a lathe for woodwork. They make a frame for him using metal corners, profile pipes, and other necessary materials. The electric motor is suitable for any washing machine, even the oldest or baby car.

The engine is exposed parallel to the supporting part of the frame, its output shaft is supplied with a front headstock. The tailstock is made of the same materials as the frame; it is mounted coaxially with the headstock.

A handcuff is made, which serves to accommodate the cutting tool. Place it between the headstock and slightly to the side with the possibility of transverse and longitudinal movement.

A good option for using an electric motor from a washing machine is to make a grinding machine on its basis. The motor is placed on the base - a thick metal plate, to which is bolted. The output shaft is provided with an abrasive wheel with which tools are sharpened.

The rotating circle, for safety, is closed with a protective casing. For the convenience of placing the tool and controlling it during sharpening, a support platform is arranged.

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