A simple summer shower that everyone can do

Outdoor shower is present in almost every country house, suburban area. It allows you to refresh yourself on a summer day after working in the garden, in the garden. The construction of the structure is quite simple, because it is often arranged with one's own hands.

There are many projects of the summer soul. Despite this, in their design there is always a frame, a pallet, a tank, a fence. The layout of the structures is very different.

The simplest summer shower is a bucket suspended from a structure with many small openings at the bottom. The disadvantage is the limited amount of water that may not be enough for the procedure. In addition, the design of the shower is unsightly, does not add beauty to the site.

Often, timber is used to arrange the cabin of the summer shower. You will also need a rubber hose, screws. You can not do without a shower kit, which is represented by a bracket, a curved pipe, adapter, mixer, nozzle.

A hole of 40 cm depth is dug in a chosen place, with dimensions of 1x1 m in plan. Its bottom is covered with a layer of gravel, gravel, which improves the absorption of soapy water by the soil. From above, in the corners, cinder blocks are laid, leveling their upper surfaces by level.

Engaged in the manufacture of the frame. From boards (cross-section 15x3 cm) make a base measuring 1x1 m in size. Place it on top of cinder blocks. A bar with a cross section of 10x7 cm is fixed vertically in the corners (at least 2 m in length, but people who will wash themselves in the shower, taking into account a margin of 20 ... 30 cm, are finally chosen for the greatest height).

The racks in the gap and from above are connected by cross members. Reinforce the top with additional cross members that will hold the liquid tank.

The arranged frame is sheathed on the sides (exclude the entrance) with a lining, a raised beam, a blockhouse, arranging 2 ... 3 mm gaps between the slats. The latter will compensate for swelling of the material when wet.

All wooden parts of the shower are primed with bioprotective antifungal impregnation. After drying, paint. Use acrylic varnish (make at least three layers).

They have a water tank on the roof of the structure. Its volume should be approximately 100 liters. Connect an adapter to it, a curved pipe, attach it to the upper crossbars. A mixer is put on the free end.

They lay on top of the base a wooden grate, on which they stand while taking a shower. They close the entrance with a curtain, equip the shower inside, placing shelves, hooks.

The described design of a summer shower can be arranged in a couple of days. But in the future it will delight the entire summer season.

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