Safe playpen made from eco-friendly materials

Playpen - equipment that makes life easier for parents. Being in it, the child plays, learning the world around him, can not go beyond the boundaries of the fenced area. Parents at this time can do their job without worrying about the baby.

On sale today there are many different models of arenas. They all differ in comfort, all-round visibility, safety for the baby. If parents cannot afford the product, they can make it on their own. You can, for example, dwell on the simplest design - the arena-screen.

It is made of wooden bars with a cross-sectional size of approximately 30 and 10 mm. For fasteners use nuts and bolts. You will need nails, varnish or paint, wheels.

You can make the arena of a classic rectangular shape in plan. But the baby will have more space if you stop at the hexagonal. The height of the sections in any case is no less than 80 cm.

Having decided on the shape and size, harvest the bars of the required length. They are all well polished, removing roughness. Then mark each section, making marks on the beam, which is located below. The number of intermediate rods is chosen so that the child could not crawl or get stuck between them.

Separate sections are formed by connecting the bars arranged horizontally and vertically with nails (it is possible with self-tapping screws). Receive lattice panels - their number should be enough to close the entire perimeter of the arena.

At the edges of the sections, additional vertical bars are attached. Through holes are arranged in them. Through the latter, the individual sections are connected to each other using bolts and nuts. Get the finished product.

Once again inspect all the details of the arena, if necessary, grind with sandpaper. Then proceed to painting. Paint, varnish is used on a water basis. This coating is waterproof, hygienic, safe for the baby.

The vertical internal filling of the sections of the rods can be replaced with mesh. It is necessary to purchase a mesh suitable for strength, plexiglass tubes. The grid should have cells 2 ... 3 cm in size, be without inserts from fishing line, metal. The fabric of thin threads does not fit - they can cause injury to the child.

Pipes are cut, harvesting pieces of the desired length. Cut the blanks from the grid, taking into account the stock that will be needed when putting on the tube. Insert is prepared by placing pieces of tubes on the sides of the mesh blanks. All existing joints are wrapped with foam, covered with a cloth.

The arena floor is made using plywood, chipboard. The sections enclosing the arena are attached to it. If you want to make the product movable, then install wheels from below. They need to be provided with stoppers so that the child cannot move the product himself.

Watch the video: Hengxing KB01001 baby safety playpen fence (February 2020).

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