Powerful trimmer and walk-behind snow blower

In winter, the lawn does not need to be trimmed, because the trimmer is suspended in the barn until next spring. But he can not be given time for downtime - you need to make a nozzle for snow removal. Alteration is quite simple and not complicated - a person can do it with minimal knowledge in plumbing.

For conversion, only an electric scythe is suitable, in which the bar is straight. In it, the rotation of the knives occurs through a shaft coming from the gearbox.

The work boils down to the manufacture of a special nozzle. Use a steel sheet. A rounded body is welded, a guide vane is inserted into it, with which snow is picked up. An impeller is added to capture the snow mass and throw it into the sleeve. The latter is also introduced into the nozzle design.

The impeller is placed inside the housing, the gearbox on top of it. Arrange the transmission of rotation to the last from the rotating element at the end of the trimmer bar.

The housing, for ease of operation, is provided with runners or wheels. The latter can be taken from the carts used in stores.

A snow blower made on the basis of a trimmer is a rotary type. The impeller captures the snow, throws it out.

Do not use their intended purpose in the winter and walk-behind tractor. It can also be converted into a snow blower, and in several ways. The easiest way is to supplement it with a conventional blade, which will play the role of a hinged shovel. A dump can be half of the body of an iron barrel, in which they sell beer, carry water, liquid materials, and products.

The prepared blade is attached to the frame using pieces of corners, a profile pipe. The shovel can be attached firmly, can be made so as to adjust the angle of inclination and its location in plan.

There is a project to convert the walk-behind tractor into a rotary snow blower. A shovel is mounted on the frame, in front of which a screw is placed in the body, the rotor is in the center, and on top is a pipe through which the latter throws snow.

The transmission of rotation to the auger is done by a belt. For the craft to serve for a long time, part of the components should not be made by yourself, but purchased ready-made. This applies, for example, to the friction unit, which is heavily loaded and it is very difficult to make it reliable.

All the described snow blower options can be developed by yourself and then made. In this case, you still have to redo something later, add, given the actual operating conditions. It is easier to find a finished project with drawings on the Internet, in which all this has already been completed and taken into account.

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