Homemade electric snow blower with bucket or auger

Winter brings snow. It must be periodically cleaned. If the plot is small, you can cope with rainfall shovel. But if there is a lot of snow, the work of a shovel becomes very tiring.

The snow blowers, which today are represented in stores by different models, are called upon to solve the problem. Including those powered by electricity. Such an assembly is not difficult to do on your own. This will require almost the same components as for gasoline - the only difference is in the engines.

In work on the creation of an electric snow blower, they use tools: a welding machine; a drill; a hammer; clamps; gon. From materials: sheets of metal; water pipes; rolling pipes, corners; plywood; bearings; bolts.

Engaged in auger. Its shaft is made from a water pipe with a diameter of ¾ inch. The length is cut across the width of the bucket. The ends are equipped with trunnions - they are the shaft when assembling the device in bearings. The latter are installed in the sides of the housing.

Around the shaft arrange a spiral of metal strip. It is usually mounted on top of legs that are made of the same metal. If there is a rotor for throwing snow to the side, a spiral is made from different sides with a different direction of the turns. This allows the auger to rake snow to the center of the bucket, where the rotor is usually mounted.

To make the body of the snow blower, sheet metal is used. A roofing iron will do. Two sidewalls are made: the front and lower parts are vertical, the back is curved, framing the spiral on the screw. At the ends of the rear part, a casing curvilinear across is welded; he covers the auger from above.

Bearings are installed in the sides of the housing, into which the ends of the screw are inserted. They can be ordinary, self-centering; must have protection against moisture, snow.

A hole is cut out in the casing, in the upper part and in the middle. A chute pipe is attached to it, through which snow will be thrown to the side. Usually it is made curved in the upper part and can be rotated, which allows you to adjust the direction of the ejection.

In the center of the casing, in the rear, a rotor is mounted. It is performed according to the principle of a fan. While spinning, it grabs the snow shifted towards it by the auger and throws it into the chute pipe, the base of which is above it.

A frame is arranged behind the case. Use profile, water pipes. They make it in the U-shaped plan, jumpers are arranged inside for mounting the electric motor. Behind her are welded handles to control the snow blower, equipped with wheels for better control and movement.

Ski guides are attached below the casing sides. These are usually strips of metal, slightly bent upward in the front.

The electric motor is attached to the frame at the back of the casing. The output shaft is equipped with a small asterisk. The same, but large, is installed on the end of the screw shaft. They are equipped with a chain for transmitting rotation from the engine to the auger.

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