What tool is needed for decorative plaster

For finishing wall plastering with gypsum or cement mortars, such tools as a trowel, mixer, graters, as a rule, a level, a hammer and others are necessary. This is if you want to perform a simple plaster, after which the wall will be painted or glued with wallpaper.

But if the wall is displayed for finishing with decoration, you will need a number of tools. In the arsenal of the master should be: a trowel made of stainless material and spatulas of different sizes, which are convenient to lay and level the mixture.

Venetian plaster

The Venetian stucco technique is rather complicated. There is not enough experience, a solid hand and a special tool. It is necessary to prepare:

  • Special metal spatulas with polished surfaces on both sides;
  • Trowel with rounded edges;
  • Plastic transparent trowel;
  • Rubber trowel;
  • Mixer for mixing mortar or drill with nozzle;
  • Foam roller;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Brushes.

Bark beetle

Decorative bark beetle plaster is widely used inside and outside buildings. In appearance, the wall resembles a tree eaten by a bug. If you have tools, you can do it yourself. In addition to standard spatulas and trowels, she will need a plastic grater for her. It glides over the applied mixture in a certain way.

With decorative plaster, one roller performs many different functions. It can be of different shapes and patterns. The roller can be modified without changing the details. To make the picture embossed, the roller is wrapped with a rope or ribbon. If you put a film on it, then the picture will come out unpredictable and unique, since unexpected folds form on the film.

To achieve the relief effect, there are special stencils. Images on them are very different.

If you need to make decorative plaster on a wall of a large area, the plaster gun will help out. It works like an airbrush. The stucco is captured by air passing through the nozzle of the gun and is sprayed on the walls.

Each type of decorative plaster is done in its own way. Experienced craftsmen choose tools based on the tasks they need to complete.

Watch the video: Styrofoam decorative trim molds on plaster or stucco walls (February 2020).

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