How to make a homemade anvil from ordinary scrap metal

Often, craftsmen are faced with a lack of anvil, which does not allow them to perform many operations efficiently and quickly. The device is expensive, you can try to do it yourself. For this, accessories from scrap metal in the form of corners, a channel are suitable.

Anvil has some requirements. It should be: with a solid working surface capable of withstanding large shock loads; massive, so as not to tremble / move / jump when struck. The latter can be solved by filling the internal voids, for example, concrete.

Work in the manufacture of anvil: grinder; a hammer; welding machine; a corner; a marker; a ruler.

First cut the workpiece. They use, for example, thick steel plates, which immediately solves the issue of massive crafts, its strength. Workpieces are welded using pieces of square shaped pipes, corners, channels. It is necessary to weld accurately and reliably. Seams should be completely filled, strong.

The base of the anvil is made of a thick rectangular plate. Square plates of the same thickness are vertically welded to it. They are welded together in the upper plane and on the sides.

The upper base of the legs is provided with a plate similar to that of which the base is made. They connect the elements by welding, shifting the upper workpiece - its front part becomes flush with the front plane of the racks. A narrower nose is welded a little lower than the anvil. Stability is given to it by adding a bottom bracket.

Then proceed to the final stage of the manufacture of the anvil. They place a grinding nozzle on the grinder and process all the corners of the structure, seams. At the same time, the existing rust is removed, they give the craft a beautiful look.

It is recommended to paint the product. Use heat-resistant paint.

Watch the video: How to make an Anvil Horn from Scrap Metal (February 2020).

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