How to make a decorative pond in the garden with your own hands

Probably any summer resident or amateur gardener wants to have a beautiful pond in his garden. In order to bring the idea to life, you need to not only decide on the location of the reservoir, but also select the necessary building and decoration materials, as well as select plants and residents for it.

An open area is best for a pond, as trees and bushes standing nearby can cause clogging. The pond should be located in direct sunlight in the first or in the afternoon. Water in a pond located in the shade will warm up for a long time. It should also be borne in mind that the surface for the construction of a reservoir should be flat. But even if there is no such flat surface, do not worry! You can always make a pond with a small waterfall. Do not forget that the style of the pond should be in harmony with the surrounding landscape. So, for the classical style, a pond of geometric shape with strictly defined angles is suitable, for English - a round shape, and only the oriental style allows you to choose any shape.

Artificial garden ponds are mounted in different ways. The materials can be used very different: stone, plastic, concrete, etc. The practical purpose and use of the pond can be completely different in essence:

  1. Pond from a cast-iron bath.
  2. Decorative pond used to drain the problem area.
  3. Habitat for local fish and plants.
  4. A haven for exotic species of flora and fauna.

The easiest way to arrange is a finished form for a pond made of polyethylene or fiberglass. You can decorate the pond with stones, it will be useful to make paths of gravel, plant plants in containers.

As a reservoir for organizing a pond, you can use old oak barrels or metal containers, previously painted on the inside with oil black paint, and on the outside - coated with bitumen. This will significantly reduce the cost of arranging and installing the pond.

To complete the image of the pond, you need to choose the right vegetation. A special place in each pond is occupied by a water lily, which allows you to beautifully decorate a pond. A buttercup or a turkish swamp will look spectacular. Daylily, Siberian iris, and a swimsuit take root well on the shore. The rich color palette of these plants allows you to emphasize the image of your pond. The rocky shore can become a haven for bells, edelweiss or phlox.

As a result, the resulting garden pond will become not only an architectural structure, but also a central element in the landscape of your garden.

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