How to make a reliable glass cutter with your own hands

When working with glass, care must be taken and thrifty, as the material is fragile. It is very important to have a good tool that will allow you to cut off the glass with one movement of your hand. If possible, then a glass cutter can be made independently.

Features of the manufacture of glass cutter

As a rule, the idea of ​​making a home-made glass cutter arises when purchased expensive or low-quality ones. For manufacturing it is necessary to choose a solid material. Many people think that brass is suitable, but in fact brass is softer than glass, so it will not be possible to cut the material. Only a diamond cutter will do. Next, you need to make a convenient holder. To work, you need:

  • Protective equipment (face shield, glasses, gloves);
  • Steel, brass parts;
  • Boric acid.

For the holder, residues from steel parts that need to be melted are suitable. Leftovers can always be found in any garage. Therefore, if necessary, they can be cut without sparing. They are placed in a crucible and placed in a preheated hearth crucible with material. The horn should be on a long handle so as not to burn your hands.

After a while (minutes after 10), take out and add a little boric acid in powder form. Boric acid enters into a chemical reaction and draws all the toxins onto itself. Also, the tool helps melt the material faster, protects against oxidation. And then again sent to the furnace, to melt. At this time, you need to cut a piece of pipe, which will serve as a tank for pouring. To fill a piece of pipe with a sealed end, it is moved to a container with sand. At this time, brass warmed up to a temperature of 1000 0C. Pour into mold. It is then placed in a bucket of cold water to speed up the lag process.

Then clamped in a vice, knocked out of shape. When cooling, the workpiece shrinks, so it is easily removed. Then, on a lathe, the surface is treated, cleaning from impurities, they are shaped. Drill a through hole with a milling cutter. On the one hand, they grind, making the shape of a pen. Try on and solder the diamond tool.

At the next stage, it is necessary to insert a diamond cutter into the hole, which, as a rule, has a square shape. To do this, it is necessary to drill a hole with a cutter so that the desired part fits perpendicularly in the handle itself. Next, you need to polish everything and you can use a diamond tool to work with a convenient handle.

Watch the video: How to make hand cutter (February 2020).

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