How to make a manhole for sewage do-it-yourself

Viewing wells are necessary in order to control, carry out urgent repairs of the water supply system. Inspection well can be of different shapes, diameters. But, as a rule, a person should be placed in it for examination. In some designs, a ladder is provided for descent into the inside. For the material used PVC, cast iron, reinforced concrete, etc. All types of building material are characterized by their properties, and have a long service life.

Rules for the construction of a manhole

During installation, it is necessary to apply the rules of SNiP. To do this, place the tray on a pillow with sand. Also, depending on climatic conditions, it is necessary to use wall insulation. To do this, use a textile or clay casing.

Algorithm for the construction of a manhole:

  1. Dig a hole that is 50 cm larger than the dimensions of the well itself. Then the walls are sealed, if necessary, the formwork is built. Install the protective cover. When choosing a place, it is important to consider that groundwater does not wash the pillow.
  2. At the bottom, pour a mixture that will serve as a pillow and tamp. The pillow consists of sand and gravel in equal proportions. Experts advise using river sand, since it is more dense.
  3. Then put the tray (pipe scrap, with a diameter of not more than 600 m.) And carry out the sealing of the bottom. If plastic material is used, then it can be easily installed with chickens. If cast iron or concrete is used for a well, it is better to order the services of lifting equipment.
  4. All outlets of the pipe must be connected to the pipes of the well. Joints are carefully tamped, insulated, sealed. To exclude pressure drops, think through the ventilation of the inspection well.
  5. Empty space on the sides of the well is covered with sand and gravel, rammed. After 1-2 days, the work is done again.
  6. Then build a cover. You need to choose a hatch that will match the diameter of the outlet and other features.

You can use it after 3 days. It should be taken into account that if a plastic branch is used for a well, then it is not worth using a cable type of pipeline. Unlike the classic one, it has a corrugated surface equipped with stiffeners. In addition, if it is necessary to install several inspection wells, then they should be placed at a distance of no closer than 30 m from each other.

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