How to make a cache in a desk drawer with your own hands

Each person has something to hide from others. Even a squirrel hides nuts for the winter so that another squirrel does not find them. And from time immemorial, people have made hiding places, including in their homes. Times have changed, morals have changed, furniture has changed. And the man came up with caches in the drawers of the desk.

Varieties of Caches

Caches can be created anywhere in the house. But most often they are embedded in furniture.
In fact, caches can be arranged not only in drawers of a desk. Caches are crafted in furniture legs, drilling holes there. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the legs do not lose strength, otherwise the table will collapse! You can make a secret place under the countertop or in the chair seat. It is very convenient to embed caches in voluminous cabinets, in bedside tables. They are embedded in the side walls, in a thick countertop, made with hinged doors and retractable. How much imagination is enough, and what skill is enough. Caches are made either with secret constipation, or with their locks. Modern locks are often opened with magnetic cards, which are very popular in recent years.

Cache in a desk drawer

The cache in the drawer of the desk is very convenient to use, very simple to manufacture. And, importantly, with careful manufacture, it is not noticeable.

Making it is quite simple. Four small-sized objects with a height of 2–3 cm are glued to the bottom of the box chosen for modernization, with a height of 2–3 cm. The amount of secret space inside the box depends on the thickness of these gaskets.

Then you need to cut out the fake bottom. For this, the same material is selected from which the real bottom of the box was made. The operation of cutting the bottom is very responsible in terms of secrecy. Between the walls of the box and the edges of the false bottom there should be no visible gaps, and the bottom should enter easily into the space of the box.

In order to open the secret part of the box, you must do the following. In the present day of the drawer, four small holes are drilled. They are arranged in pairs against the midpoints of the side walls at a distance of 2 cm from them. A hook is prepared from a bar with a diameter of 3-4 mm. It is inserted into the hole with the long part from the bottom and the false bottom is lifted. Then hooked and pulled out.

Of course, experienced thieves and robbers know where to look for secret places. But there are also professional creators of secrets who come up with new puzzles. This eternal struggle leads to new original solutions.

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