Homemade foam cutting tool

Polyfoam from universal materials. It is made by sheets of different thickness, size. When used, requires cutting. This can be done with a sharp knife, but the procedure is tedious, costly, does not allow to obtain high-quality surfaces at the site of the cut.

The problem is solved by performing foam cutting with a hot plate heated by nichrome wire. This method is implemented today by different types of devices, devices. For homework, when you need to cut a small amount of material, use a thermal knife. It allows you to perform both linear and curly sections of the foam.

To cut the foam linearly, you can make a guillotine, but use not a mechanical knife in it, but a heated string. The latter is most often made of nichrome or tungsten wire. For the operation of the unit it is required: a source of electricity - it is better if it is regulated; bars, metal profiles, pipes from which the frame is made, a tension frame; guides - suitable furniture used for drawers.

Use a flat surface of the workbench, table. In the middle part, on the sides, arrange vertical racks. Using furniture guides, fix the cutter frame. She should move without distortions. In this case, the movement of both sides must be synchronous.

Prepare a wire mechanism. Nichrome wire is sold in radio stores. You can take a conductor from an old soldering iron, released in the USSR. Use the wire from which the winding is built. There is one drawback - its length does not exceed a meter.

An iron with a classic spiral heater is suitable - the wire from which it is made. It is thicker than a nichrome thread, suitable for linear cutting of foam. They do figured cutting if low demands are made on the cut. Suitable spiral heaters are available in hair dryers, fan heaters.

Nichrome wire is placed across the table between the racks at the right height. Mounting is done through insulators, one moving through a cable, to the end of which a load is suspended. This solution provides constant tension to the wire and prevents it from sagging when heated.

To the ends of the nichrome thread are connected through the clips-crocodiles wires that provide battery power. A circuit breaker is introduced into the circuit, with which the device starts up - the conductor heats up. The foam sheet is advanced through the frame. A heated nichrome thread melts the material, cutting it.

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