How to make a cheap injection torch from simple materials

Masters engaged in forging and casting will always need an injection gas burner to heat small parts. Its manufacture will not take much time, in the presence of a grinder and welding. It’s best not to make a complex design with various plumbing fittings, faucets and welding tips.

In the store you can buy a regular roofing gas burner with an average nozzle and remake it in the workshop. Many may have a logical question: why redo something if there is a finished product? The fact is that the magazine burner has a short nozzle, so the injection process in an enclosed space is impossible. The air will not suck in, and the fire will die out.

The essence of the nozzle

So, to implement the plan, the following materials are needed:

  • gas-burner;
  • pieces of pipe made of ferrous metal 40x3 mm, length 4 and 5 cm;
  • pipe section 25x3 mm, 15.5 cm long;
  • metal plate.

The manufacturing process itself is quite simple.

  1. In a piece of pipe with a length of 4 cm, cuts are made from a grinder on one edge along the entire radius to about a third of the length of the pipe.
  2. A 5 cm pipe is likewise notched.
  3. Both tubes are tapped with a hammer along the notches so that they narrow in diameter at one end so that they sit tightly on a pipe with a diameter of 25 mm.
  4. Short pieces are put on a long tube and welded to it.
  5. A metal plate is welded from one end of the resulting part, with a hole and internal thread under the edge of the magazine burner.
  6. The entire workpiece is burned with flame, polished from burrs and welds, and then polished with a nozzle.
  7. The product is screwed to the burner instead of the standard nozzle and checked for operability.

The flame in such a burner is always smooth and stable. The fire burns in the outer part and only the end heats up, while the entire main part is well cooled by a stream of air, remaining cold all the time.

Using the same principle, a nozzle can also be made from threaded fittings. They do not need to be welded, but simply twisted. But the burner from the pipes looks more aesthetically pleasing and neater. And the price of a burner from pipe pieces is about 50 rubles, while couplings and fittings will come out much more expensive.

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