How to make simple sculptures from polyurethane foam for a garden site

Polyurethane foam - a material that is widely used in construction for sealing cracks and joints between structural elements. But she can find another application. For example, owners of summer cottages and gardens can easily create original crafts to decorate the yard with a foam spray.

Foam is that material which can be given any shape, therefore the list of sculptures from it is also not limited by anything. And such figures look very beautiful and original. After appropriate treatment, they are not afraid of external influences in the form of rain, snow and wind. Products will have to be protected only from direct sunlight. But this task is quite doable.

Foam Rules

Before you start working with foam, you need to learn the rules for handling it. A short list is as follows:

  • First, prepare the workplace, covering the table or workbench with old oilcloth or cardboard.
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with the instructions for use on the cylinder.
  • It is impossible to work with foam at freezing temperatures.
  • All work is carried out outdoors using gloves for the hands.
  • It is better to wash off the remaining foam from the gun and tools immediately with a special solvent. After solidification, washing it will be almost impossible.
  • If you need to apply several layers, then this should be done gradually, waiting for each layer to solidify. This time is from 15 to 30 minutes.
  • For the figure, the frame is made heavier, otherwise the sculpture can be demolished by a strong gust of wind. You can fill the frame with pebbles, rubble or sand.
  • The finished sculpture is without fail covered with furniture varnish from a spray can. So the foam will be protected from moisture and sun.


The basis of the figure is a frame, for which any improvised materials are suitable:

  • cans;
  • plastic bottles and cans;
  • fittings;
  • tube;
  • wire;
  • wooden slats;
  • sand;
  • clay;
  • pebbles.

And for processing you will need more:

  • putty;
  • acrylic paints;
  • varnish;
  • sandpaper.

How to make

The frame is better to do according to the sketch or drawing. Next, the foam is applied in an even layer on the frame, trying to repeat the relief of the figure. After hardening, excess parts are carefully cut off. Where there is not enough foam or holes have formed, it needs to be added.

The finished figure is protected with a layer of putty, sanded with sandpaper and painted in the desired colors with acrylic paints in two or three layers. Finishing - coating with a layer of varnish and decorating with various elements.

As for the sculptures, the following can be made of mounting foam: a snail, a sheep, a frog, a wolf, a fox, a pig, a lizard, a goat, a horse, a crocodile, a hedgehog, a dolphin, a cat, a dog, a mermaid, an owl, a gnome, a fungus or cartoon characters. All of them will find their place in the summer cottage and complement the original landscape. You can also bring them an LED backlight, then the foam products will glow very beautifully at night.

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