How to drag and update a computer chair

During use, any material becomes unusable. And a computer chair that is covered with leather or fabric may need restoration. Scuffs and cracks are not aesthetically pleasing, it can be uncomfortable to sit on it. Updating a computer chair is not difficult, it is important to use the advice of masters.

Material required

Not always buying a new chair is a great option, as a rule, this is an additional cost. Moreover, doing your own work you can save a budget on the services of masters. For new upholstery use:

  • artificial or genuine leather;
  • furniture stapler;
  • scissors;
  • the cloth.

Do not use too dense fabric, as it is difficult to lay on corners. To correctly calculate how much material is needed, measure the length and width of the seat and back. 5 cm are added to the data obtained. The skin should not be thicker than 1.5 cm, since the thick material is less flexible and plastic. If the foam spoils, it can also be replaced.

Preparatory stage

Before you begin, you need to disassemble the chair. Unscrew the handles, seats. To disassemble the back, you need to pull one corner, then do the remaining 3 angles. It is important to disassemble carefully so as not to break the plastic clips. Next, remove the old upholstery. To pick out old brackets with a screwdriver.

Hauling process

Foam rubber is cut into the shape of the seat. The fabric is applied on top and fixed with brackets. It is important to ensure that the fabric is pulled gently without pulling or loosening too much. If the fabric tension is improperly performed, you can redo it at any time by removing the staples. At rounded corners, excess ponytails are cut.

Next, you need to do the assembly of the chair in the reverse order. The backrest just needs to be put on the latches.

It is not always necessary to haul the entire chair, you can only make the part that has become unusable. If the material is frayed on the seat, then only one part is replaced. So you can minimize the cost and time and effort spent on disassembling a computer chair.

Restoring a computer chair is not difficult, since it does not require special skills. Even if the hauling is performed for the first time, applying the tips, you can qualitatively update the furniture. The completed work of hauling furniture will please and bring benefits for many more years.

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