The scheme of manufacturing a floor corner cabinet in the bedroom

Many people often store their clothes, including street clothes, in the bedroom. For these purposes, usually put wardrobes for clothes, which occupy most of the room. There is very little free space for a berth.

The solution to this problem will be a corner closet for clothes and shoes. It will allow you to rationally use the narrow space of the room, which gives additional free meters. Manufacturers offer a fairly wide range of corner sliding wardrobes, which makes it possible to choose furniture according to different criteria of color and designs.

The assembly of the built-in corner cabinet is very simple, because the walls of the room, forming the corner, are perfect for the back walls. It is enough to install shelves, guides for drawers and frame elements. In such designs, swing doors on runners are usually used.

Its advantage is that this cabinet model uses a small part of the room, saving space. However, thanks to this design, a lot of things can be placed in the cabinet. You can even say that a corner cupboard is another room in the room.

The device of the floor corner cabinet

When developing a cabinet of a typical angular design, ready-made calculations can be used as the basis. And you can create a wide variety of products yourself, without any help.

The front part of the product is made strictly at an angle of 45 °. In order to arrange the interior space, you need to install the side walls. This will help to correctly, but without undue complexity, fasten the facade.

Of course, if you want, you can do without mounting the side walls, but this will only lead to an increase in the size of the cabinet. In this case, the functional space inside the product will be quite small. Moreover, the difference can be significant - in the presence of side walls of the order of 800 × 800. While without them there will be at least 1100 × 1100 usable space.

The built-in corner closet in the bedroom looks harmonious due to its functionality. Little things and personal items will be in a permanent place and will always be in order. A corner cupboard can even become a convenient dressing room, just select the appropriate model. When buying, be sure to consider some details, which will depend on the area of ​​the room and individual preferences.

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