How to sew universal covers on the sofa and chairs with your own hands

Upholstered furniture is comfortable and warms the interior design. But over time, its upholstery is wiped and loses its original appearance. Material is inevitably contaminated and damaged, especially if children or animals live in the house. Refresh the appearance of any upholstered furniture set and extend its life by using covers that everyone can stitch together.

Modern outlets offer a large selection of ready-made blankets, bedspreads and covers for upholstered furniture. But, to get a unique product, it is worth sewing it yourself. It is not difficult, but requires a little patience and originality.

The choice of material for covers

When choosing the fabric from which the seat cover will be made, you need to pay attention to several elements. This is the color scheme and pattern that should match the interior design.

An important role is played by the texture of the fabric. It should be sufficiently dense and resistant to mechanical damage. After purchase, it is recommended to expose the material to hot steam (for this it is enough to use an ordinary iron). Due to this, the material will not deform during washing. The only exceptions are cotton and linen fabrics that do not need to be steamed.

Instructions for sewing furniture covers

To sew a well-fitting seat cover, you need to draw a pattern. Separate parts of an armchair or sofa - the backrest, seats and sides are desirable to draw on large sheets of paper.

For each fragment of the future cover, a second line should be drawn at a distance of about 1 cm from the contour - this will be a margin. The shape is cut along this second line. Ignoring stock may result in the cover becoming smaller after washing. After cutting out individual parts, the edges of each of them are processed on a sewing machine.

Special attention should be paid to the strict correlation of the pattern on fragments of the future cover. This factor is recommended to be taken into account directly at the time of drawing up the pattern. From the foregoing, we can conclude that sewing a cover on any upholstered furniture is possible even for a person who does not have experience with materials. The main thing is to learn how to use a sewing machine and make detailed patterns, some of which can be found on thematic forums on the Internet in the public domain.

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