Vertical flower bed from an old plastic barrel

The sizes of some household plots do not allow placing everything that the owners would like on them. To organize a flower garden, sometimes you have to squeeze other plants or completely revise the landscape plan. In addition, in the economy there will always be unnecessary items that have expired, which can be used to improve the territory.

Significantly save free space in the yard and make its design stylish and original, will allow the placement of a vertical flower garden. Plants on it are not located in the horizontal plane, but vertically. Such a solution makes the flowerbed more beautiful, and also helps to hide some flaws in the landscape, for example, any structures or walls that have an unsightly appearance.

Often the material for the manufacture of a vertically oriented flower garden are barrels of wood or metal. The best choice for this purpose is a plastic barrel. Its positive qualities are increased moisture resistance, it will never corrode. In addition, the plastic container has a low weight and is convenient to work with.

Making a flower garden begins with the selection of barrels of the appropriate size. You can use containers that are no longer suitable for storing water or other liquids. At the bottom of the barrel, several holes are drilled to ensure drainage of the soil that is poured into it. Their diameter should be at least 20 mm.

On the side walls of the barrel make markings that determine the location of future holes. To achieve a more attractive appearance, they should be staggered. Then, with the help of a large-diameter drill, holes are made in the walls for planting plants. If these are large specimens, it is better to make holes with a construction knife in the form of semicircles. The resulting petals need to be bent out. They will become a support for the stems.

To ensure uniform watering of plants along the entire height of the flower garden, you will need a piece of sewer plastic pipe. It is cut to the height of the barrel and set inside. Before this, in the side walls of the pipe, along its entire length, many holes are drilled for the penetration of water.

After that, crushed stone, small stones or broken brick are filled up at the bottom of the barrel, and then completely covered with soil. Plants are planted in the side pockets. Watering is carried out by filling the inner tube of the flower garden with water. Outside, the barrel can be painted with a brush or aerosol can.

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