Making a cache with a spare key on a car body

Often, vehicle owners find themselves in very unpleasant situations associated with the loss of car keys. Someone simply loses them, and someone forgets in a car whose interior is blocked by a faulty alarm. Well, if the car is in the courtyard of the house and it can be opened with a spare set of keys. It’s much more annoying to get into a similar situation on a suburban highway.

To always be on top and have spare keys on hand, you need to fix them in a secret place on the back of the car. There are plenty of places and methods for this. On older cars of the early years of production, the plafonds of direction indicators, side lights or taillights were attached with external screws. Many motorists, taking advantage of this, hid spare keys under the lights. In modern cars, everything is a little more complicated.

If the key is thin enough, you can put it inside a metal frame with a license plate. So that he does not accidentally fall out, a license plate screw is threaded through the key. Another method involves mounting a conventional metal key under the car. If it is an SUV, the key can be mounted on the frame. On a conventional passenger car, a spare key is sometimes placed on the inside of the towbar.

For this purpose, the place of intended fastening is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and rust. The key is fixed on a durable reinforced tape intended for plumbing. The key is applied to its adhesive base, and then applied in the form of a patch on a metal surface. It is important to remove air bubbles from under the tape.

For greater reliability and protection of the key from moisture, the adhesive tape is covered with a layer of anti-corrosion coating from an aerosol can. After that, the key will be securely preserved and available at any time. It is important to remember that all work should be carried out only far from prying eyes, otherwise attackers can take advantage of the cache.

It is more difficult to hide spare keys from modern cars. If the key has a built-in remote control of the central lock, you need to remove the battery from it, and then carefully pack everything in a film to prevent moisture from entering. The key bag can be fixed on the inside of the plastic bumper.

Some, having removed the batteries from the key and remote control, pack everything in a plastic bag, and then fasten it with a powerful magnet to the metal parts of the car under the bumper.

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