DIY furniture in the hallway

Small-sized apartments force their owners to invent various methods for arranging storage places for their belongings. Hallways present a particular problem, because you need to place the maximum number of clothes, shoes, hats and other necessary items in it. Some home masters prefer to solve this problem on their own.

For making do-it-yourself, simple models of furniture for halls are suitable, the material of manufacture of which is wood, chipboard or MDF. Upon request, the Internet there are many examples of design solutions and drawings of home-made designs. It remains only to choose the option suitable for the interior, the materials of manufacture and adjust the dimensions of the parts to fit your conditions.

The simplest model of compact furniture in the hallway is a vertical rack that combines a shoe rack below, an open coat hanger for outerwear and a small pencil case with shelves that allows you to store small items.

Work should begin with the manufacture of the rear wall of the hallway. It will serve as the basis for the entire structure. It is cut in accordance with the selected width and height of the product. Then proceed to the manufacture of a pencil case. Its components are cut out from the chipboard in the right sizes.

To ensure that the parts have smooth cut edges without chips, you should use a hand saw. A hacksaw or an electric jigsaw will severely damage such material, due to which the finished product will look untidy.

The side surfaces of the cut parts are treated with sandpaper from burrs and glued with an edge tape. Assembly is carried out on furniture dowels and screws. For greater durability, metal corners can be used.

The pencil case is attached to the main shield of the structure, which will play the role of the back wall. Inside the pencil case, at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other, shelves made of chipboard are installed. The cabinet is equipped with one door suspended on furniture or piano hinges.

At the next stage, two lower shelves are made for storing shoes. They are also attached to the back of the hallway. So that the shelves do not bend or break, they are equipped with two vertical partitions from chipboard. Another shelf is fixed at the top of the structure. Hats will be stored on it. A few metal coat hangers are fastened to the shield.

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