How not to splurge on a bench and make it yourself: 5 beautiful ideas

In summer, in good weather, most people spend their free time outdoors. A comfortable pastime with your favorite book or laptop is facilitated by benches installed in personal plots or cottages.

Internet sites covering such topics offer a variety of homemade bench models made in a wide variety of ways. However, if we talk about savings, you need to consider options from the handout materials.

  1. A bench made of wooden pallets or in another way - a pallet, is made within a few hours. Depending on the desired height of the future seat, pallets are laid on top of each other in two or three rows. To obtain a solid structure, they are fastened together by self-tapping screws. The back will serve as another pallet mounted vertically and secured to the seat with screws;
  2. Many owners on the site will find several cinder blocks or aerated concrete blocks with through holes left after the construction of the house. From them you can make a simple bench with a back. To do this, you need 14 bricks. First, two supporting stands are laid out. Cinder blocks are placed on the side rib, six pieces on each side.

For greater reliability, they can be fastened together with cement mortar. To equip the backrest, another cinder block is vertically installed on the curbstones. Then, cross-members are made from wooden blocks of suitable section. They will serve as the seat and back of the bench, for which they are installed in the holes of cinder blocks. So that the tree does not rot, it is treated with antiseptic compounds and decorated to your liking;

  1. Another bench option is made from old car tires. Such a bench will have to be placed close to the wall of the building or the fence. To form a seat, the tires are folded onto each other, thus forming several stacks. So that the tires do not move, they are fastened together with ordinary bolts.

The seats are carved from wood and fitted with waterproof material. As the backrest, the same tires are used. They are mounted vertically to the adjacent surface;

  1. A simple bench is obtained from cut along a log. It is installed on perpendicularly lying chocks and equipped with a back of poles;
  2. A bench made of thick tree branches will look unusual. To give greater aesthetics, they need to be cleaned of bark and coated with moisture-resistant varnish.

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