How to make eyelets for curtains with your own hands

Many modern housewives use elegant curtains on grommets in their apartments. This term refers to special elements of metal, plastic or wood, which serve to strengthen the edges of the fabric. The cringle is a ring of a round, or any other shape, into which a curtain, string or cord is threaded to hang the curtains. In addition to the functional value, eyelets often also serve as decoration.

Ready-made eyelets are available for sale, and you can install them yourself. This will require only patience and a little time. First, a special tape is fixed to the upper edge of the curtains. It serves to strengthen the tissue in the installation of eyelets. The tape can be sewn or ironed with a hot iron, melting a layer of hot-melt adhesive on it.

The next step is the marking of the fabric for the installation of eyelets. Depending on the diameter of the eyelet and its width, a few centimeters recede from the edges of the curtains. In these places, points are marked that will be the centers of the holes. Then, every 15-20 cm, mark the installation location of the remaining rings. So that the curtain is correctly located on the curtain and has a neat appearance, you need to make an even number of holes.

Using one of the grommets as a template, the inner circle is drawn around the fabric. You can work with a marker or crayon. The holes are cut with sharp manicure scissors, trying to leave the edges of the fabric even.

Metal grommets are installed on a table or other flat surface. First, a ring with a sleeve is installed. A puck is put on top of him. Using a small hammer, light blows are applied to the surface of the sleeve, bending its edges onto the washer. This operation is performed around the entire circumference of the eyelet.

To make the edges smoother, after processing with a hammer, the inner edges of the eyelet are pulled together with a bolt with two washers of the appropriate size. With accurate work, each ring will take about 5 minutes.

In workshops, special devices are used for such work, but for a one-time installation of eyelets it is not economically justified to purchase a special tool. If possible, for flaring the edges of the sleeve, you can make a special mandrel, turning it on the inner diameter of the ring from wood or metal.

For the installation of eyelets made of plastic, tools are not needed. Their inner sleeve is equipped with locks, on which the washer is latched, applying only small physical effort.

Watch the video: MAKING EYELET CURTAINS using eyelet heading tape (April 2020).

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