How to make a mantelpiece with your own hands

Regardless of the design of the fireplace, the mantelpiece is a traditional element of its design. It is made of wood, stone or metal. The shelf should match the interior of the room and be combined with the fireplace materials, so it can be difficult to find a suitable product for sale. As a rule, shelves are made to order, or with your own hands.

The most common and affordable material for the home craftsman has always been wood. It is it that was chosen for the production of the mantelpiece that we are offering. For light weight and greater aesthetics, it is a box-shaped design. Shelf design can be adjusted depending on the interior.

First, make measurements of the fireplace. Two parts are cut from boards with a thickness of 20-25 mm, which will be used as the upper and lower panels. Their length should correspond to the width of the fireplace. Also, four blanks are made from wooden blocks for assembling the supporting frame of the shelf. All wood surfaces are treated with sandpaper or an electric grinder, removing all chips and bumps.

At the next stage, the frame is assembled. The edges of the bars are sawn at an angle of 45 degrees, and then connected using dowels and wood glue. If there are suitable tools, a thorn-groove joint is made.

Further, from the thick board, the lower supports of the shelf are made. Depending on the wishes of the master, their outer surfaces are made semicircular or straight, giving the supports the appearance of a triangle or sector.

Now, using the manual milling cutter, the outer edges of the upper and lower boards are processed. Before installing on the frame, supports are attached to the bottom panel with screws. Then the boards are installed on the frame. For their fastening, dowels, carpentry glue and countersunk head screws are used. So that the tree does not burst when the screw is screwed in, the board is pre-drilled.

The finished shelf must be decorated. If the interior of the room is decorated in a certain style, the surface of the tree can be brushed. It is very easy to do this by installing a wire disc on a powerful drill or grinder. After processing, the surface takes the form of aged wood.

As a finish, the shelf is impregnated with oil, treated with stain and covered with several layers of transparent varnish. Sometimes it is simply painted in the right color. Everything will depend only on the appearance of the fireplace and the author’s imagination.

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